The Bearskin Virtual Nordic Race Series

Race Northern Minnesota’s premier ski trails, on your own time.

The Bearskin Virtual Nordic Race Series is a season long Nordic ski event. Throughout each month skiers will race a set course on one of the trails at Bearskin Lodge, and record their time. Prizes will be awarded to the top male and female finisher of each month’s races, and a grand prize will be awarded to the overall winners based on their finishes through out the season. All participants will be entered in a season ending raffle for additional prizes. Each race completed will be worth one entry into the raffle.


Bearskin Lodge, established in 1925, is located in the scenic wilderness area off Minnesota’s famed Gunflint Trail. Bearskin is truly a secluded “wilderness lodge” – a place where guests can experience living in the northwoods, but with a few amenities. The Lodge is open all year and is a premier destination for family vacations, romantic getaways, fishing trips and especially, cross country skiing.  Our 77 km of groomed ski trails are the best in the Upper Midwest.
At Pioneer Midwest we are your local ski shop and we want to help you enjoy the sport of cross country skiing more. We have a wide range of competitive skis that we hand pick from Salomon, Atomic, Fischer, Rossignol, Madshus. We fit every customer to their skis ensuring that no matter what level of skier you are that you will have skis that fit you. In the summer we also sell Northstar Canoes, canoe accessories

We have a long and proud history of making the best race skis in the world. In the spirit of being the best we are aiming for more. And to do that, we have changed our focus – from the skis, to the skier. We have gone from being a ski equipment manufacturer to a skiing experience provider.

Upcoming Courses


Course #1

Summer Home Road

The first trail groomed at every year, Summer Home Road is wide and fast with a few good hills.

Course #2

Sprint Around the Campground

 A quick sprint clockwise around the campground loop. How long can you stay all out for?

Current Leaders:

Summer Home Rd


1Rose Doda10:37
2Molly Doda13:51
3Diane Doda15:32
4Caitlin Anderson16:18
5Maureen Hayes37:32


1David Anderson9:45
2Tim Lederle10:39
3Craig Wiklund10:51
4Sean MacDonell11:01
5Chris O’Brien12:41
6Daniel Doda13:32

Campground Sprint


1Kate Vernon5:04
2Rose Doda5:45
3Molly Doda7:20
4Caitlin Anderson8:17
5Diane Doda8:51
6Maureen Hayes14:09


1Quinn McCloughan4:26
2David Anderson4:53
3Tim Lederle5:34
4Sean MacDonell6:09
5Chris O’Brien6:22
6Daniel Doda7:25

Leader Boards

2020 final results