The Bearskin Virtual Nordic Race Series

Race Northern Minnesota’s premier ski trails, on your own time.

The Bearskin Virtual Nordic Race Series is a season long Nordic ski event. Throughout each month skiers will race a set course on one of the trails at Bearskin Lodge, and record their time. Prizes will be awarded to the top male and female finisher of each month’s races, and a grand prize will be awarded to the overall winners based on their finishes through out the season. All participants will be entered in a season ending raffle for additional prizes. Each race completed will be worth one entry into the raffle.


Bearskin Lodge, established in 1925, is located in the scenic wilderness area off Minnesota’s famed Gunflint Trail. Bearskin is truly a secluded “wilderness lodge” – a place where guests can experience living in the northwoods, but with a few amenities. The Lodge is open all year and is a premier destination for family vacations, romantic getaways, fishing trips and especially, cross country skiing.  Our 77 km of groomed ski trails are the best in the Upper Midwest.
At Pioneer Midwest we are your local ski shop and we want to help you enjoy the sport of cross country skiing more. We have a wide range of competitive skis that we hand pick from Salomon, Atomic, Fischer, Rossignol, Madshus. We fit every customer to their skis ensuring that no matter what level of skier you are that you will have skis that fit you. In the summer we also sell Northstar Canoes, canoe accessories

Alpina has been making premiere Nordic skiing equipment for longer than most people have been skiing, or been alive for that matter. Dedicated skiers and beginners alike will appreciate Alpina’s range of Backcountry Nordic boots, skis, and bindings.
We have a long and proud history of making the best race skis in the world. In the spirit of being the best we are aiming for more. And to do that, we have changed our focus – from the skis, to the skier. We have gone from being a ski equipment manufacturer to a skiing experience provider.

Current Courses


Course #1

Poplar Creek

Poplar Creek trail south of the Gunflint Trail. Ski it counter clockwise. Remember that there are multiple road and snowmobile crossings on this trail, and be very carful. Any skier run over by a car or snowmobile will be disqualified.

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Course #2

The Figure Eight

A combination of three different ski trails. Start at the Ridge Run/Beaver Dam intersection, and head east on Beaver Dam to the next intersection. Then ski east on Ridge Run to the Ridge Run/Summerhome/Moose Pasture intersection and head west on Moose pasture to Beaver Dam. West on Beaver Dam to Ridge Run, and finish on the west section of Ridge Run.

The loop must be skied the correct direction, and start and stop in the correct place.

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Leader Boards

January Races

Beaver Dam Loop

Quinn McCloughan17:31
Tim Lederle18:06
David Anderson18:16
Shane Steele18:28
Anatoly Rosenflanz19:02
John Alt19:21
Craig Wiklund20:30
Daniel Doda23:21
Chris O’Brien23:55
Chris Hegg24:29
Tim Kennedy25:15
David Eckel31:11
Mike Garrity40:10
Mark Erickson40:22
Daniel Keifenheim41:57
Rose Doda18:04
Olya Wright20:35
Molly Doda23:51
Karen Rosenflanz24:03
Colleen Corcoran 24:24
Diane Doda24:38
Caitlin Anderson37:45
Maureen Hayes43:19
Lillian Schulte44:36
Mona Hunter44:42
Anne Belleman44:45

Ox Cart Twice

Andrew Tilman13:51
Quinn McCloughan14:14
David Anderson14:50
Tim Lederle15:42
Jon Alt16:04
Mark Schulte17:37
Chris Hegg18:12
Craig Wiklund19:25
Daniel Doda20:47
Jack Shuldt20:56
Daniel Keifenheim22:03
Tim Kennedy22:44
Mike Garrity24:06
Mark Erickson24:15
Rose Doda16:03
Molly Doda20:39
Diane Doda21:01
Caitlin Anderson24:16
Tina Hegg Raway25:00
Anne Belleman26:16
Maureen Hayes29:55
Mona Hunter29:55
Melissa Wiklund31:32