Leader Boards

Points are awarded based on finish order and the number of participants in each race. For example, if 10 skiers race a course, the winner will receive 10 pts, and 10th place will receive 1pt.

Race #1Summer Home Rd
Olya Wright11:09
Maureen Hayes20:31
Race #1Summer Home Rd
Quinn McCloughan8:58
Jon Alt9:51
Tim Kennedy11:38
Tim Lederle13:50
Chris OBrien14:08

Campground Sprint

Jon Clarke3:55
Matthew Clarke4:02
Quinn McCloughan4:03
Jonathan Rova4:36
John Alt4:59
Tim Lederle5:06
Mark Schulte5:19
Chris Obrien6:45
Paavo Rova8:06
Tim Kennedy8:22
Lilly Brown4:24
Olya Wright5:28
Maureen Hayes9:06
Anne Belleman10:42

Summer Home Rd, Classic

Quinn McCloughan25:10
John Alt25:38
Tim Lederle26:15
Austin Hunter27:06
Paavo Rova28:18
Chris Hegg30:58
Johnathan Rova37:51
Tim Kennedy38:30
Olya Wright33:17
Maureen Hayes46:21
Anne Belleman47:53


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